Dr .Bate's Neuroliminal Training Therapies Solves STRESS CD  With SIMPLE Home Therapies

Solving Mental Problems

Depression, Anxiety, Epilepsy Insomnia, Schizophrenia Chronic Conditions, All Mental Problems are Stress Related and Curable

Solving Autism

Solving Autism problem, Lowers Theta Brain Wave and All Autism Related problems are Curable. Click below to read more.

Solving ADD/ADHD

Dr. Bate Solution

Raises the SMR Brain Wave. All SMR Brain Wave Related problems are Curable. Click below to read more.

Reverse Aging Problems

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Stress Causes Aging Reduce Stress Wrinkles Look, Feel and Act Younger. Click below to read more.

Lose Excess Weight Safely

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5 lbs/Month After 1st Month Even BETTER, It's Permanent! No Unhealthy Diets Needed

Listen to Dr. Bate explain

Click below video to listen

Listen to Dr. Bate explain how Neuroliminal Training works to improve health !!

How it works:

Simply play the NT CD while you sleep

Simply play the NT CD while you sleep Solving several types of stress
(Stress Is A Major Factor In All Health Problems)

rs. Harriet S. Chicago September 14, 2014

Robert is almost 2 months in therapy with your CD. He obtained a 90% in the FCAT assessment in reading, one of the highest scores in the class. Thank you.

Robert's doctor said that there also another child he is treating who suffers with autism and by using your CD, his mom has noted a great improvement in one month and a half. The child currently is not having outbursts as before and he is calmer. I just wanted to let you know.

Mr. James F. Washington. DC February 2012

I was a volunteer in your Clinical Testing - Age 73 with Major Problems: Progressive tightening and shortening of foot tendons, Poor peripheral circulation (Fingers turned white in response to cold,) Chronic fatigue, Weight loss Before playing your Neuroliminal Training CD, I felt that I was on the verge of becoming decrepit. I was losing weight, my stamina to do anything was gone, and I was frail.

Since beginning the program I have gained weight; my energy, enthusiasm and mobility have increased, and to my surprise so has my sexual drive!! It is wonderful to be alive, and I feel that your program has turned my life around. I'm grateful. Thank You

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