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Pulse Test & Caveman Diet Page

This is a relatively simple and inexpensive method of testing for allergies and sensitivities. It is at least as accurate as most of the "conventional" tests used by MD allergists. The "scratch test" is only 75-80% accurate with lots of false negatives and positives. The RAST test does not show food and chemical sensitivities very well. (However, it is much more accurate for allergy than the scratch test, which is considered obsolete by most allergy authorities.)
It's a good idea to use this test on yourself to cross-check any other tests you may have taken previously. It will often eliminate false positives, and may show some false negatives or sensitivities.
The difference between allergy and sensitivity is that allergies cause a full immune system reaction, may be genetically linked, (or at least the tendency towards all allergies), and are usually there for life even if the symptom caused by the allergy is removed.
Sensitivities are quite different, although they can cause ALL the same symptoms from rhinitis to schizophrenia as allergy. Usually, the white blood cells react, not the entire immune system. In particular, the IgE fraction in the blood does not react as it does in allergy (IgE response is what is used in the RAST test.)
Sensitivities seem to occur upon often exposure to foods or chemicals, and the person becomes "sensitive", much like an allergic reaction. However, if the offending "allergen" is avoided for a few months, the reaction (symptom) dies down, and the food can be eaten no more than once in every five days without symptom return. As an example, my peanut allergy causes my rheumatoid arthritis, but by avoiding peanut products in any form, I have no arthritis symptoms. This is a sensitivity, NOT an allergy.
Surprise! In April 2007, I inadvertently ate food containing peanuts several days in a row. No rheumatoid arthritis!! I tested this by eating 3-4 peanut containing foods, including peanut butter in a week. No pain. I then tested soy, and found that that allergen no longer bothered me. Why? The only answer I came up with is that my Neuroliminal Training somehow solved these previous problems! Another anecdote sent to me via email was from a person who said that after using NT for insomnia, he quit smoking easily. Most addictions are linked to allergens.
Some people call sensitivity "intolerance", but this term should be reserved for food intolerance.
This is caused by the lack of an enzyme to digest a particular food, such as dairy products or beans.
If food is not digested, it ferments, and this causes methane gas. This causes cramping, pain, and gas excretion.
The pulse test relies on the adrenaline release of both allergies and sensitivities. When this happens, the pulse rate goes up, and since it's easy to measure rate, This becomes a tool to locate allergy and sensitivity. Dr. Coca found this technique many years ago, and it's still one of the best, and certainly the least expensive.
In my book "The Health Revolution" there is a great deal more information on all allergy testing systems, and on using these two techniques.
Caveman Diet

Meat - turkey & lamb preferred, but beef and chicken may be substituted if necessary. Broiled or roasted, not fried.
Vegetables - any except corn or tomatoes (corn is a grain, and tomatoes are actually fruits). Wash carefully or peel. No legumes - peas, soy, beans, etc. (Also not true vegetables).
Fruits - any except no citrus, no kiwi fruit. Wash any fruit carefully also, and peel if possible.
Nuts - any except peanuts (legumes) from health food store, or in shell. Not roasted, but plain.
Pepper and Sea salt (table salt often contains dextrose - corn sugar)
Distilled water(or Reversed Osmosis treated water as sold in many supermarkets - NOT just carbon filtered.)
Brown rice or millet from a health food source - No other "cereal" grains.
That's ALL that goes in the patient's mouth. No toothpaste may be used - rinse toothbrush thoroughly, and use plain water - it works fine for this period. No gum, no candy, nothing else but what is on the above list. No vitamins or supplements for this period either.
Look for possible withdrawal - headaches, fever, body aches, hot and cold spells, etc. It can be as bad as a heroin addict in some people. If it happens, even slightly, we've found the problem, but we still have to narrow it down.
The caveman diet is the first step. If any withdrawal occurs, wait until it is over. If no withdrawal, wait for unusually good feeling on part of patient - usually about the fourth or fifth day for most. If no noticable change, use fifth day to start.
Pulse Testing

Note - if a person is KNOWN to be very sensitive (anaphylactic) to any food or substance - DO NOT test even sublingually. If you know you are allergic or sensitive, you don't need to test - why take chances.
At this point, start testing foods. If necessary, use a blender to liquify foods with distilled water. Use syringe (without needle) to drop 2-4 drops of liquified food under tongue (sublingual), and instruct patient to keep from swallowing as long as possible.
Take patients pulse before first test, and set timer for 10 minutes after drops under tongue. When timer goes off, measure pulse again. If it jumps more than 5 points, you've found one food problem. It may or may not be the one that is causing the major problem, but you are gaining knowledge at this point.
When it jumps quite a bit over resting pulse, wait until it comes down a bit at least before testing another food. Patience is a virtue here. It may take an hour or so between tests, but the best part of using sublingual is that the amount is small, and the body recovers fast - virtually no chance for anaphylactic shock. When a very sensitive person stays off the offending food for five days, they may become much more sensitive, and reactions (including pulse) are much more drastic and easily seen. If you KNOW you are allergic/sensitive to any food. you should avoid testing that food.

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