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ADD/ADHD Female Test

The ADDhelpline newsletter copied an excellent self test for girls from the magazine ADDvance. (Contact eileen@addhelpline.org for more details of joining this group.) It is reprinted below.
The following is a checklist of possible manifestations of ADD/ADHD in girls - a self-report questionnaire, for girls (and women) to review. Many of the issues and experiences for girls with ADD/ADHD are "internal" and, therefore, not observable by others. This checklist is unique in that respect. Most ADD/ADHD rating scales primarily focus upon observable behaviors as reported by others (parents and teachers). Because so many experiences of ADD/ADHD are "internalized" for girls, we can only become fully aware of the issues with which they struggle by asking them directly.
This list should not be used for diagnostic purposes. However, if you find that you check off a large number of issues, you may want to get a professional evaluation.
Written and developed by Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D. ,Patricia Quinn, M.D. and Ellen Littman, PHD.
For more information on ADD for women and girls, visit ADDVANCE Magazine at:
From Understanding Girls with ADD/ADHD. Mark each item with one of the code numbers below to show how much that feeling or behavior is part of your personal experience.
0- Not at all
1- A little bit
2- Sort of like me
3- Pretty much like me
4- Very much like me
__ 1. When most of the class has finished the assignment, I'm still working on it.
__ 2. I daydream a lot.
__ 3. Sometimes my mind wanders when I'm trying to listen to the teacher.
__ 4. Sometimes I dread being called on by the teacher because I'm not sure what the question is.
__ 5. I feel embarrassed in class because I don't feel as if I know what to do.
__ 6. I feel uncomfortable in the school halls between classes.
__ 7. I feel shy around my classmates.
__ 8. Even when I have something to say, it's hard to raise my hand and volunteer in class.
__ 9. I have trouble getting started on my homework.
__ 10. I get in trouble for talking or giggling in class.
__ 11. I bite my fingernails or chew on other things when Iím sitting in class or doing homework.
__ 12. I interrupt other people, even when I try not to.
__ 13. Sometimes other girls say Iím "mean" or "bossy."
__ 14. I feel different from other girls.
__ 15. I am a "tom boy."
__ 16. Iíve had to go to the hospital to get stitches or for broken bones.
__ 17. My handwriting is messy.
__ 18. My hand hurts when I write for a long time.
__ 19. I have arguments with my friends.
__ 20. I accidentally bump into things like doorframes or table corners.
__ 21. I make careless mistakes on tests.
__ 22. Sometimes other girls donít like me, but I donít know why.
__ 23. Sometimes, when Iím upset, I say things that I donít mean.
__ 24. Itís really hard for me to complete school projects.
__ 25. I read slowly and donít remember what Iíve read.
__ 26. I forget to bring in my homework or permission slips from home.
__ 27. I have trouble remembering all of the directions for an assignment.
__ 28. It's hard to concentrate on what I'm reading for more than a couple of minutes, unless itís something Iím interested in.
__ 29. Even when Iíve studied for a test, I can't remember the information when I'm taking the test.
__ 30. I wait until the last possible minute to start a project.
__ 31. I hand in my homework late.
__ 32. I forget to bring the right books home from school to do my homework.
__ 33. I don't get a chance to write down the homework assignment.
__ 34. I feel like I get my feelings hurt more than most girls.
__ 35. I feel ashamed a lot at school.
__ 36. I often feel like I want to cry.
__ 37. I don't feel as if I'm good at sports.
__ 38. I don't like to compete with other girls.
__ 39. Sometimes it feels as if I'm not good at anything.
__ 40. It's hard to keep my desk neat.
__ 41. My room is very messy.
__ 42. My parents get mad at me for things I don't mean to do.
__ 43. I forget to do things my parents have asked me to do.
__ 44. I get a lot of stomachaches.
__ 45. I get a lot of headaches.
__ 46. I'm often late for school or other activities.
__ 47. I often miss the school bus.
__ 48. I have trouble getting up in the morning.
__ 49. My parents think it takes me a long time to get ready for school in the morning.
__ 50. In class, I'm distracted by what other students are doing.
__ 51. I get annoyed when someone is tapping their pencil or popping their gum near me.
__ 52. When I'm trying to do homework, I get distracted by little sounds, like a clock ticking or a bird singing outside my window.
__ 53. I wish my teacher knew how hard I try to do things right.
__ 54. Sometimes my teacher seems mad at me, but I don't know what I did wrong.
__ 55. My parents tell me I should try harder.
__ 56. I often lose track of the time.
__ 57. Itís hard for me to sit still in class because I feel restless.
__ 58. I feel best when Iím moving around Ė such as playing sports, running, or dancing.
__ 59. I like to be active, not just sit around and talk like most girls.
__ 60. My backpack is messy.
__ 61. I don't like to go to a crowded store.
__ 62. When I go somewhere with my parents, I wander off to look at something Iím interested in.
__ 63. I spend a lot of time looking for things that I have misplaced.
__ 64. My parents say I'm very creative.
__ 65. When other girls are laughing at something that happens in class, I don't always get it.
__ 66. Sometimes a girl will walk away from me and I don't understand why.
__ 67. It helps if someone sits with me while I do homework, even if they're not helping me.
__ 68. Sometimes I forget to eat.
__ 69. Sometimes I wait until the last minute to go to the bathroom.
__ 70. I never feel tired when my parents say its bedtime.
__ 71. It usually takes me a long time to fall asleep after I get in bed.
__ 72. It feels as if I could play video games by myself for hours.
__ 73. I'm not always hungry at mealtimes.
__ 74. I often say I'll do something "in a minute" and then forget.
__ 75. Itís hard to go to sleep at night because my thoughts are racing in my brain.
__ 76. When I want to join a group, I don't know how to approach them.
__ 77. I feel bored a lot of the time.
__ 78. I donít like waiting in line.
__ 79. I often doodle or fiddle with something in my hand when I have to sit still.
__ 80. I feel bored and sleepy in class, but I wake up and feel energetic as soon as I stand up and move around.
__ 81. My friends say Iím "hyper."
__ 82. Bright lights and loud noises bother me a lot.
__ 83. I often lose things.
__ 84. I get teased for being "spacey."
Additional Questions for Teenage Girls

__ 1. Itís very hard for me to keep track of homework assignments and due dates.
__ 2. No matter how hard I try to be on time, I am usually late.
__ 3. I jump from one topic to another in conversation.
__ 4. I usually do assignments at the last minute, or turn assignments in late.
__ 5. My parents and teachers tell me I need to try harder in school.
__ 6. My parents say Iím irresponsible.
__ 7. My friends say I overreact sometimes.
__ 8. I feel anxious pretty often.
__ 9. Sometimes I feel moody and depressed, even for no reason.
__ 10. My moods and emotions are much more intense in the week before my period.
__ 11. I am quick to feel frustrated.
__ 12. Itís hard for me to be patient.
__ 13. I wish my parents understood how hard high school is for me.
__ 14. I feel mentally exhausted when I get home from school.
__ 15. I drink a lot of cokes or coffee to stay alert.
__ 16. I lose control and start yelling or screaming when Iím angry or frustrated.
__ 17. Itís so hard for me to stay organized.
__ 18. High school feels overwhelming sometimes.
__ 19. The only way I can really study for a test is to stay up very late the night before.
__ 20. I sometimes eat to calm myself down.
__ 21. It seems like my parents criticize me a lot.
__ 22. I feel much calmer when I have a physical outlet like dancing, soccer, horseback riding, or other sports.
__ 23. I always seem to do or say the wrong thing when Iím around my friends or classmates.
__ 24. Iím usually tired during the day, but wake up at night and donít feel like going to bed.
__ 25. Iím afraid of driving.
__ 26. Iíve had automobile accidents, or have been stopped for speeding.
__ 27. It seems as if I have to work much harder than my friends to do well in school.
__ 28. To earn good grades, I donít have time for anything else.
__ 29. I start out the grading period determined to do well, but I canít keep it up for long.
__ 30. My daily life feels frantic because Iím usually late or have forgotten something.
__ 31. I do much better in the classes of teachers that I like.
__ 32. My grades vary from Aís to Dís or Fís.
__ 33. I smoke cigarettes.
__ 34. I do homework, then forget to turn it in.
__ 35. Iím worried about the future.
__ 36. I have no idea what I want to be when I get out of school.
This questionnaire should not be considered a diagnostic tool, but rather as a structured self-inquiry for teenage girls when there is a concern about the possibility of ADD/ADHD. When a girl answers "yes" to a majority of these questions, a professional evaluation may be advisable.
This material is copywrited and cannot be used without attribution. However, permission is granted to download, copy and use this questionnaire appropriately, according to the guidelines described above (i.e., not as a diagnostic tool, but as a screening device). Any parent or professional who rates a girl with a substantial number of 3's or 4's on questionnaire items should pursue a full evaluation for attentional problems.

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