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Welcome to Dr. Bate's Neuroliminal Training
Neuroliminal Training (NT) is an affordable alternative to Neurofeedback (NFB).
NFB has solved virtually every mental problem for 50 years ( Proof? click here ).
NT does what NFB does - plus much more, all done at home at low cost!

How it works: Simply play the NT CD while you sleep to solve the stress that is causing your health, weight, sleep or mental focus problems. It's that easy!
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NT Special
New "Special" NT CD - OR - Age Reversal CD
This new NT CD replaces the older SMR Plus and older NT CD's. It still raises the SMR brain wave amplitude, and it also increases brain blood flow, but in addition, a new section actually lowers stress from previous life events, and this CD includes a third subliminal level that seems to "jumpstart" the immune system, making it much faster to remove allergy and other stress. It has been used successfully for virtually all forms of disease and/or symptoms, and appears to have universal healing properties by virtue of the various stress removal therapies.
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ADD to Autism
ADD-Autism CD package
This CD raises the SMR brain wave amplitude, lowers the Theta brain wave amplitude, (which is what EEG Biofeedback (aka Neurofeedback does). It also raises the brain blood flow (what HEG biofeedback does). When used for most ADD/ADHD cases, the guarantee is that users will sit still in class, increase grade marking and raise IQ score 10-15 points within 6-8 weeks typically.
In autistic cases, "noticeable improvement" within 8 weeks is guaranteed or purchase price refunded on return of CD package. Continued usage continues improvement. Autism takes much more.
From comparison to EEG Biofeedback, and over five years of further testing data, we know that it also improves most persons with brain damage, strokes or epilepsy.
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Weight Loss
Weight Loss CD Package
This is a Weight Loss package that combines the allergy stress removal of raising SMR with a standard hypnotic therapy. In volunter testing during 2009 the results were excellent for weight loss, and for increased "quality of life". All volunteers except one lost an average of 5 pounds a month - safely without special diets or exercise. (That exception didn't start losing until the fourth month, then it was the same 5 pounds per month.) Same guarantee, and not one returned with over 100 sold to date.
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How to use Neuroliminal Training (NT)

The usual simple method is sleep therapy. This uses a CD player or computer player playing the NT CD all night long while sleeping. The CD player MUST have a 'repeat' or 'loop' feature so that it repeats the 70+ minute message all night long. One eight hour night playing roughly equals one NFB session.
Another good way is to use the NT CD playing in the background while reading, doing class work, or even working on the computer. The more the CD is played, the greater overall improvement is seen. Some people have used it for years with only good effects. The longer it is used, the greater the improvement is seen!
There is no danger whatsoever to anyone else in the same room. They might lose some annoying allergies as has happened in several reports, but nothing bad can happen. NASA research has shown that lowering the Theta brain wave definitely increases concentration and 'attention'. However, it seems to lower strong creativity or artistic ability. With such ability not at professional levels, there seems no real problem, except in some few autistic "savants". The normalization of such is much more important. If the 'message' doesn't apply to an individual, it is ignored by the unconscious mind, just as we tend to ignore advertising on TV or radio.

All CD’s are guaranteed to give you noticable improvement within 60 days
or your money will be refunded.