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Brain Problems

It's possible to classify all symptoms and diseases as "Brain Problems" since they are, in effect, failures of the immune system, controlled by the unconscious mind. However, for the purposes of this discussion, we'll consider "Brain Problems" as those caused caused by allergens, usually unknown to the patients. These include all the following, and the huge majority of them may be "solved" entirely or improved gradually by the inexpensive Bate Neuroliminal Training (NT).
  • DEPRESSION - There are hundreds of types of depression catalogued mainly for insurance purposes. However, the great majority have a basic cause of allergy/sensitivity, with a few others being caused by mineral toxicity, or a very few others from some unknown cause. (Doctors always have to leave some "fudge factors") Virtually all of the depression cases among the volunteer tests were solved completely.
  • ADD/ADHD/AUTISM - Instead of differing "diseases", think of a wide continuum ranging from the boy who eats too much sugar at lunch, and only disrupts classes in the afternoon - all the way to the non-communicative autistic person. There are several different "symptoms" along the way, but essentially this is the same "brain problem", just varying in strength and symptoms. Again, a vast majority is caused by allergy/sensitivity. Before the popularity of EEG biofeedback (AKA neurofeedback), the "standard" treatment was allergy search and cure. I've never seen any case where allergy/sensitivity wasn't a primary cause. In the 2005/2006 test, of 23 volunteers, ALL the ADHD cases were solved in about 8 weeks! They are now sitting in class, concentrating, and learning easily.
  • SCHIZOPHRENIA - There are several well known causes for this. Allergy/sensitivity is only one. Another is poor nutrition. Another is mineral toxicity. Some even believe that "evil spirits" have entered the body.
  • INSOMNIA (SLEEP PROBLEMS) - Again allergy/sensitivity is often a root cause, although other stress factors can contribute. NT is virtually always the best solution.
  • EPILEPSY - Allergy/Sensitivity again seems to be a major culprit, although other stress(es) may be a major factor. In earlier ages, the evil spirit belief was common.
  • IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS) - Let's hear it people - allergy/sensitivity again! Colic as babies, indigestion, gas and cramping as adults. Some of this is caused by "intolerance" (often confused with food sensitivity). Intolerance consists of those symptoms caused by the lack of a digestive enzyme, so the particular food isn't digested normally, but ferments, causing methane gas. Common examples are beans and milk.
  • CHRONIC HEADACHES - Excepting physical damage/tumors, always allergy/sensitivity. Years ago in my practice, I found a huge percentage due to corn allergy, and I published this finding in the Orthomolecular Journal. Several others confirmed this. Corn is ubiquitous in our culture. (This is one of the "guidelines" I found looking at allergy/sensitivity.)
There are many more "diseases" and/or symptoms that are listed as brain problems. To see a list of possible "brain problems" CLICK HERE. Allergy/sensitivity as a basic cause for all these problems is actually a malfunction of the immune system. My theory that raising the SMR brain wave somehow changes the brain's affect by allergens seems to be on the way to proof. This is the only explanation for the huge success of the expensive EEG Biofeedback training, and the inexpensive Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training system.
Think about this for a moment. What controls the immune system? What controls the heart and lung rhythms? What controls what we believe and think about? Of course, it's the brain. All the other "accessories" such as arms and legs, eyes, ears, etc exist only to serve this brain. It is really the all in all. We are what our brain is. Now, realize that there are two parts to this brain. Psychology has separated these into the conscious mind and the unconscious mind.
We like to think that our conscious mind "controls" our actions, but that's just wrong! We are much more controlled by our unconscious mind. This part is "governed" by many factors. One basic law of the unconscious mind is "Self-Protection". Another is "What's best for me". Then, there are hundreds of "lesser" laws that we, as individuals, have added thru experience, teaching, mistaken ideas, and even possibly genetics - many of which may have been generated because of the two basic laws above being misinterpreted by the unconscious.
Let's look at the immune system first. This is basic to "Self-Protection". If, for some reason, genetic or learned, your brain decides some inoffensive substance is "poisonous" to you, it "punishes" you when this substance is ingested. This is called "allergy", or "sensitivity". The "punishment" can come in thousands of forms, and we are somewhat impotent to fight it.
Let's look a bit closer at "learned" responses. If your unconscious mind believes you are in danger in a certain situation, then, it will try to keep you from that situation again. A common phobia is Acrophobia, the fear of heights. Suppose that you see or hear about someone falling. Your unconscious "protector" may decide that all heights are dangerous to YOU, and you now have acrophobia.
I once had a bedwetter of 11 years old, and found, using age regression hypnosis, that at about 5, an intruder actually tried to get in his bedroom window while he was going to sleep. He urinated in fright, and probably made some noise. The intruder went away. So, first line of defense against an intruder is to wet the bed every night. This is the kind of "straightline" reasoning that occurs in the unconscious mind. Very logical, and somewhat like a computer! Computers are pretty dumb. They don't give you what you want, only what you input you want, and if you put in a wrong input, you get wrong info. That's called "garbage in, garbage out", and it certainly holds true for the unconscious mind. They both compute on stored data, and neither "reasons" as does the conscious mind.
So, at this point, the question is - how can we change the "stored data" that is wrong? There are several different answers to this question:
  • EEG biofeedback training (AKA neurofeedback). Up until now, this has been well proven to be the best method of solving all the above Brain Problems, and many others. The primary problem is the huge cost of "doctor" time that can range from $60-200 per half hour session. (That's why I started Biofeedback Home Training to lease and sell EEG biofeedback units for home use. There's nothing very complicated about EEG biofeedback training that requires professional knowledge or training for 95% of the trainees other than the ability to motivate the trainee to train.)
  • The Bate Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training - In 4 separate volunteer tests with over 100 persons, this "training" system has shown that while it takes a long time to actually change brain wave amplitudes, and train such brain problems out of the unconscious mind, it can be done, comparable to EEG biofeedback. Now, even poor and mid income families can afford a simple method that can work well.
  • Allergy Search and Cure - There is only one reasonably accurate method. That's called End-Point-Titration (EPT), and it works well. BUT, again, it's horribly expensive of "doctor time". All other methods are famously inaccurate, and most MD allergists today still don't test for food and chemical sensitivities which are often the real culprits.
  • Psychiatry and Psychology - Psychiatrists are all trained today to use drugs first. There is no such thing as a drug without some side effects on some people, including death. Drugs may be good to use while searching for an underlying cause, but it's too easy to keep using them. As for psychologists, unless they are using EEG biofeedback, they are not much more effective (with "talk" therapy) than a friend, or the friendly bartender who listens. Also, the cost of "doctor time" is huge and out of the question for low and mid income families.
  • Orthomolecular, Holistic, and Alternate Therapies - Some of these work some of the time for some of the brain problems, and certainly I advocate trying any and all of them. However, the Bate Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training should be your first choice to start on any and all brain problems for several reasons - it works for most of these problems, and it's the cheapest thing to try. That's what's I call a "NO-BRAINER".

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