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Welcome to Dr. Bate's Neuroliminal Training
Neuroliminal Training (NT) is an affordable alternative to Neurofeedback (NFB).
NFB has solved virtually every mental problem for 50 years ( Proof? click here ).
NT does what NFB does - plus much more, all done at home at low cost!

How it works: Simply play the NT CD while you sleep to solve the stress that is causing your health, weight, sleep or mental focus problems. It's that easy!
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Solving ADD/ADHD with Neuroliminal Training

To view a 60 day case study of a serious ADHD boy using Neuroliminal Training, Click here
Really surprising - several kids with ADD/ADHD who did NOT speak English have now been successful using Neuroliminal Training in different countries, including Norway, Brazil, and Mexico. In addition, infants who were not speaking were also affected postively.
There are now four types of effective recognized professional treatment for ADD, ADHD and Autism used today by different clinicians:
1. Drug treatments (Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta, Strattera, etc). Most of these drugs contain methylphenidate, the same ingredient as "speed" on the street where it's highly illegal and addictive to many. They do help education authorities to "control" a child while at school. Some schools even get a subsidy for every Ritalin user. PERHAPS a conflict of interest - YOU THINK? This type of "medication" does NOT "cure" anything. Suppressing symptoms can also suppress potential. In addition, there are many drug side effects and addictions as serious drawbacks to using Ritalin and similar drugs. You can check on Dangers of Ritalin if you aren't convinced about its dangers. Is that what you want for your child?
2. Allergy treatments. For several years, I worked with another researcher developing End-Point-Titration (EPT) in a Florida allergy clinic. In my opinion, EPT is the only truly effective method of allergy/sensitivity cure therapy. During that time (early 1980's), EEG biofeedback was not known to me, I used this technique along with others to successfully treat ADD/ADHD in several children. However, this EPT therapy is usually very expensive, ranging up to $10,000 in expensive "doctor" time to diagnose and treat. A simple free test done at home which may help is detailed at Free Allergy Testing
3. EEG Biofeedback (EEG BF) aka Neurofeedback (NFB). Starting in the 1980's, more and more clinicians have found that training to raise the SMR brain wave while controlling or lowering Theta works to alleviate or remove those symptoms of attention and concentration deficit, impulsive and hyperactive behavior, autism, epilepsy etc.
The same drawback of very high cost is here as well, as this training in a clinic also requires hours and hours of expensive clinic/doctor time. Typical costs for 60 half hour training sessions for ADD/ADHD/autism runs from $4000 to $6,000.
4. Neuroliminal Training (NT), since April 2004 Dr. Bate has conducted successful experiments in substituting a complex subliminal message on an inexpensive CD for the expensive EEG BF (or NFB). The success rate is the same or better than EEG BF (NFB), but the cost of EEG BF (NFB) certainly makes NT only a fraction of the cost to any parent with ADD or ADHD kids and any adult with ADD or ADHD (or Autism, Depression or other Brain Problems). In the experiments Dr Bate found that this "sleep" therapy may take as long as two or more months, but the ADD/ADHD participants experienced the same improvement as would be experienced by EEG BF (NFB), and the unlimited use during sleep adds to success percentage considerably.
An important factor is that the NT is guaranteed to work! No clinics do this! If used for 60 days without noticeable success (even with autism), return the CD package for refund!
One of the other features (besides low cost) of the Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training is that no real motivation is required. Simply sleep comfortably while it works on the unconscious mind to raise the SMR brain wave and lower the Theta brain wave (which is just what EEG BF (NFB) does!)
For free ADD/ADHD diagnostic tests used by many psychologists click on Diagnostic Tests.

All CD’s are guaranteed to give you noticable improvement within 60 days
or your money will be refunded.