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Anaphylaxis - Allergy That Can Kill

Anaphylaxis is the severe form of an allergy reaction which is often life threatening. Some persons have an extreme allergic reaction to insect bites/stings and some others have extreme reactions to such foods as peanuts.
These persons should always have an "epi-pen" handy. This is a small pen-like device that contains epinephrine (adrenalin). It can be used to inject this into a muscle or fat area of the body within seconds and can litrally save this person's life.
While this extreme allergic condition is fairly rare, it is also undiagnosed in many persons and they die without immediate aid. Over 50 years ago, I was driving (with my then bridge partner) to a bridge tournament in Melbourne, Florida. As we were driving along with the windows open on a nice early evening, he flicked at his neck and cried out. He had been stung by a wasp on his finger. Within seconds, his finger was very reddened and the red was visibly going up his arm and it was swelling up.
I immediately turned around and drove to the local hospital about three blocks away. We rushed him into the Emergency Room and the MD there told me that if we hadn't gotten him there that fast, he would have died. That was my first experience, but I've learned a lot since then.
Since the Bate Neuroliminal Training system does change the allergen affect on the brain, it has now been shown in several cases to stop or lessen dramatically this severe allergy reaction. Using the NT CD for at least a few months should prevent any such death of a person.

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